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Being Canadian is all about owning yourself before anyone else has a chance to own you

This perfectly explains Toronto’s defeatist attitude about itself



UPDATE: I have 5 more spots available for game designers, game artists or developers interested in signing up for this research study and Game Jam, scheduled for Sept 20-21, 2014 at University of Toronto’s Semaphore Lab (Demo Room).

I am a University of Toronto graduate researcher who is seeking adult study participants - game designers, artists, or creative individuals to participate in a game design workshop (a Game Jam). I am seeking individuals who identify with a disability, a chronic illness, or emotional trauma including addiction, PTSD, mental illness, eating disorders, or other health-related issues, who are interested in making a personal game about their experiences. 


Image courtesy of Axel Pfaender (Flickr, Creative Commons). 

“How does it hurt?” Authoring the autopathography in DIY digital games is a social justice research project that examines the creative design processes of designers authoring the autopathographic digital game. In the context of literary writing, Couser (1997) defines the autopathography as an “autobiographical narrative of illness and disability” (p. 5).  My study aims to give voice to neurodiverse and ability diverse communities through feminist research – involving participants in game creation through a facilitated and fully accessible game design workshop (a Game Jam) to be held at University of Toronto, as well as subsequent individual, in-person interviews.

This study delves into the creative game design processes and experiences of game designers or artists who author the autopathographic game during the Game Jam, as well as more in-depth interviews after the Game Jam. This project is not focused on medically therapeutic approaches to games research. Rather, the intent is to explore the expressive power of DIY game design as a highly personal form of interactive storytelling. 

The Game Jam Schedule:
Weekend of September 20-21, 2014, 10 am to 7 pm. 
Contingency day (in case we need an extra day): Saturday, Sept 27, 2014.

140 St. George Street
Robarts Library, main floor  
Demo Room, Semaphore Lab, Room 1150.  

If interested, please feel free to contact me confidentially and I will provide more details. 

Willing participants can withdraw from this project at any time.


Sandra Danilovic, Doctoral Candidate
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
Phone: (416) 997-8147            
Email: s.danilovic@mail.utoronto.ca or sandanilovic@gmail.com

 If interested, you may also contact my Research Supervisor:

Dr. Patrick Keilty
Faculty of Information
Claude Bissell Building, 140 St. George Street, Room: BL 614
Toronto, ON M5S 3G6
Phone: 416-946-3809
Email: p.keilty@utoronto.ca


this sounds like a drug hookup 

this sounds like a drug hookup 

this sounds like a drug hookup 


this sounds like a drug hookup 

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Anonymous asked:

so anita claimed she sent a complaint or called the police when she received the death threats and the police in SF said they didnt receive any complaints from anita.



everyone keeps going on about this Anita / Gamergate stuff but they’re ignoring the real issue at hand: Destiny might not be that great of a game

A falling Action Bronson would be surprisingly climactic