Here’s a higher-res cover

Oh god what am I doing…

A guy tried to crowdsurf at the Tycho show last night

He didn’t make it two feet before getting dropped

I saw Tycho’s show in Toronto tonight, hung around back for a little to see if he would meet-n-greet fans, and he did!


I could watch the Mega64 boyz go apeshit and make Barbara Dunkleman leave the podcast set over and over again


do you ever think about how inherently funny adolescent boys are?? I was just standing in line for coffee behind a pimply teen boy with a longboard and he was just standing there and he was SO FUNNY to me for some reason. I just feel like everything adolescent boys do is just so funny and sad, I can’t help it

people like me are the reason people like my boyfriend were miserable and self conscious all through their teen years and I’m pretty sure I’m okay with that

When I was 14, minding my own business, and a group of girls near me started giggling, I always wanted to die.

Oh god oh god what the fuck did I do wrongwhy are they laughing!?


we’ll we’ll we’ll if it isn’t autocorrect

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